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Why Escalante Cloud?

Our team of AWS certified architects and developers know the cloud and have years of experience in a wide variety of industries.

Escalante Services

Escalante offers a number of cloud architecture and development services. From VMs to Serverless, we've done it all.


Want to make sure your cloud solution is scalable and cost effective? We'll review your proposed or existing architecture.

Architecture as a Service

Don't have Software Architects on staff or not comfortable in the cloud yet? We can help with that.


Have a great idea but don't know how to get started? Full stack software development from POC to Production.


Do you need a better deployment strategy? We'll revamp your pipeline so you have blue/green deployments.

Monitoring & Alerting

Wish you knew about your outages before your customers? We can send you alerts the moment services start to falter.

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OpenVPN is a popular solution for deploying VPN servers to enable point to site secure connectivity to your cloud resources. You can be up and running with an OpenVPN server in your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in about 30 minutes thanks to the availability of the OpenVPN image (AMI) in the EC2 Marketplace. OpenVPN also has a high-availability failover mode built right in. Unfortunately, it…

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As an avid fisherman on Lake Champlain, I’m constantly checking the National Weather Service’s lake forecast. This tells me three key pieces of information: How windy is it? Which direction is the wind blowing in? How big are the waves? These three pieces of information will determine where I’ll launch the boat and where I’ll fish. And in some cases whether I’ll fish at all. Fishing in 3-4 foot…

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